Friday, December 11, 2009

The Gift Exchange

On Christmas Eve we all get together with family from my Mom's side. The highlight of the evening is usually The Gift Exchange. We take this game very seriously. Each year a person is selected to choose a theme for the next year's Exchange. The price limit this year is $35. We draw numbers and choose a gift from the pile. People can steal. The best gifts are highly coveted, stealing ensues, couples conspire and work together. Unfavorable gifts are mockingly advertised, available for stealing. Gift cards are shunned.

This year's theme is Home Decor - No Gift Cards. So I've taken my search to Etsy, it can't let me down! Here are the top options I'm mulling over...

DORIT 12k White Gold - Decorative Wood Candle Holder by Jean Pelle.

Tiny Stoneware Bottle by Sara Paloma

Chosen by Blissful Images. I could get a nice mat and frame.

What do you think?

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