Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last Weekend's Handmade Market

I'm about a week late but here we are.  The Handmade Market last week was a great experience.  It was really the first show I've done where the crowd was right (not in a middle school hallway or in a town with population of 500).  It felt really good to have people stop by my table and come back to buy something.  Some pictures of my table (which could have been a lot bigger):

I got the only space with some natural light.


This is what Eric did during the show...kidding!  He was very helpful.
After the show was over we packed up and headed to the Rainbo Club on Damen and Division for a few celebratory cocktails.

I'll be listing the leftover inventory from the show in my etsy shop over the next week.  Check back for a preview!

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