Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Wedding Color Scheme

Yesterday I finally settled on a color scheme for the wedding and I feel really good about it! The original plan was to use a lot of purple. I love purple but I felt like I was forcing it a bit and it just wasn't coming together too well in my mind. Yesterday's epiphany was - wait, I don't have to do purple! I'm allowed to change my mind.

It's not a rigid set of colors but this is what I'm picturing - summer evening on the farm:

I still want to have some purple on the tables.

I don't know exactly where I got all these images (sorry!). But I know most are from here, here and here.

The wedding is just about 7 months away now and I'm getting pretty excited! Maybe having a color scheme I like makes me feel happier about planning. I'm trying on some dresses this weekend too. I haven't tried anything on yet and I guess it's time to get moving!

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